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As part of ongoing initiative, NRT – School Connect has planned to host the expert-led seminar series dedicated to current and emerging topics across them World. In today’s world, the globalization of national economies, penetration of Information and communication technologies, convergence of markets and sectors has impacted all the industries. Students of present day must understand how they are structured, functioning, how they change and get affected by both Research & Development


 Robotics, Nano and solar Technology Skill.
 Providing a platform for the students to access the latest developments happenings across
 Build a strong industry – academia linkage thereby creating unlimited possibilities
 Creating a more dynamic future workforce which makes their students employable
 Brand promotion of the institutions

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The Seminar is an Exclusive event for invited and Qualified Participant( All Student & Faculty member)


 Employability Skills For The Future
 Certifications And Advantages
 Digital Divide & Role Of Social Media
 Developing Interpersonal Skills
 Establishing Goals And Priorities
 Social Networking–Advantages & Benefits
 Employability To Deploy ability
 Strategic Thinking And Effective Decision Making

 Career Opportunities

 Career Opportunities In It Sector
 Improving Leadership Effectiveness
 Effective Methods Of Developing Skills
 Advantages Of skill And Technology Education
 Improving Leadership Effectiveness
 Cloud Computing
 Android Application Development
 Mobile Application Development
 Big Data/ Data Science

 Image Processing
 Video Processing
 Upcoming Technology of next Decade.
 Big Data Artificial Intelligence
 Employability Skill For Future
 Strategic Thinking And Effective Decision Making
 Improving Skill/ Improving Leadership
 Skill Development Programme in Industry
 Motivation and Confidence Building

“NRT – School Connect” is a series of One – day seminar, featuring multiple tracks with noted speakers offered at several locations on highly technical issues or to teach the fundamentals of a specific application to pre-final / final year engineering, Arts & Science, graduate students across the India. At each seminar, expert speakers will give an informal talk about the research cum latest development happening in the field, which has direct cum indirect impact on the business.

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In order to implement any seminar, we have to tell a month earlier. So that we can prepare and guide perfectly in that content, and it will be benefit for all. Service fees will be charged so that the importance of the seminar will be known to all. Those who are going to be invited to the seminars will be a highly educated, talented and specialized expert. Which will convince the
students about the importance of the subject in easy and simple language.

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