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Natinno research technology limited (NRT Limited) is registered under the public limited company. (Reg No. U73200MH2018PLC308587) From Ministry Of Corporate Affairs, Government Of India. an ISO Certified Company. Was set up to the Various field. NRT aims to promote skill development by catalyzing creation of large, quality and for-profit vocational institutions.

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सक्षम भारत-शिक्षित भारत  Click here to apply for recruitment. For advertise No.05/NRTL/2018 for various posts.

Initiatives & Schemes

“सक्षम भारत-शिक्षित भारत”

How is this work possible?

Enabled means ability! If you want to enable India, then you must first be able to. How to enable it now? We’ve made a plan by doing that. Under this scheme “Competent India-educated India” “सक्षम भारत-शिक्षित भारत” we have kept the recruitment in every district. Under that, this Campaign is to be successful. Mahatma Gandhi has said that the entire development of all that is best in the person is education. Read More


Our Brand – IQ2INFO

This is an innovative initiative of NRT. Today many unemployment has increased in India. The main reason is that there is no job. And there is so much competition that you do not have to sustain. The main reason is that there is no co-ordination between our educational practices and our study.
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Women Empowerment

Learn about NRTL’s contribution towards the socio-economic development of women through various women-oriented programs.

Facilities for Differently Abled

Creating awareness in the higher education system and providing necessary guidance & counselling to differently-abled people.

Research Funds

Explore various India-centric and other research funds and the way to avail of them.

Training Provider (TP) Partner Support

A full-fledged job Placements Team drives job placement preparation and connects with recruiters to find appropriate job openings for your trained students. Students completing their course with ‘A’ certification at NRT Ltd will be considered in future recruitment in NRT Ltd Company.

NRT develops its own course curriculum. all course content is developed by experts at NRT which ensures that students learn the latest techniques & methods.NRT will also provide academic delivery support.

Annual 10% Bonus Minimum Rs. In 50,000 transactions. So you should try to take advantage of this by doing most of the work. Also prize distribution in the annual meeting. You will be involved in every work of the company. And the company will consider how to make maximum profit. You will be involved in a new project and will try to make you gain advantage.

NRT provides designs for advertising material such as banners, posters, and signboards for use by your centre, and for internet marketing. Student’s scholarships & other schemes are run from time to time to give a boost to your business.

NRT conducts regular faculty evaluations that helps identify faculty members who need training. Faculty training & exams leading to certification are conducted, ensuring that your centre has faculty with the right skills to provide the best training to students.

For All Types of Businesses

Thousands of merchants are already experiencing the benefits of PAYNR From small & medium businesses to large enterprises and even neighborhood stores. NRT Limited invites individuals and business owners with an entrepreneurial spirit to be a part of our growing partner network across India. Become our brand ambassadors to promote our solution in your region, earn up to one lakh rupees per month and create a positive impact on the lives of thousands of merchants.

NRT conducts regular marketing activities to generate enquiries. The company also runs a counseling centre for handling student enquiries. All these student leads are passed on to your centre.

As a valued partner of NRT Ltd . You get the license to use our brand name. Further, NRT provides full support, technical know-how & guidance to set up a centre. NRT Ltd own customized software ensures smooth running of operations at the centre & helps manage all invoicing, accounting & operations online.

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Capital (Enterprise Development)
Be an entrepreneur
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Rural Entrepreneurs
Consulting Services
Community Organizations
Alternative education
ICT For School Transformation
Rural Supply Chain
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